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Why The Nigerian ‘Bride Price’ Dowry App Is Dividing Views

Why The Nigerian ‘Bride Price’ Dowry App Is Dividing Views

Petitions have now been launched to have it deleted. However some argue it’s just an ‘in’ laugh that people just do not get.

Agonizing slow dances, bouquet scrums, doing the can-can in a town hallway in Herefordshire – just some associated with the things we endure at weddings into the title of tradition.

At Spanish weddings, you all need certainly to remain true at supper and revolution a napkin round your mind as well as the groom and bride must kiss like amorous doing monkeys. At German weddings the groom and bride smash up crockery brought by the visitors before cleansing it as his or her very first life training in teamwork.

As well as in Nigeria, anything from palm oil to cool income is passed away through the groom towards the bride’s household in a strange, now all-but-extinct motion by having a not-so-nice name – ‘bride price’, the income and presents provided by a man’s family members to a woman’s upon their marriage.

It’s an integral part of Nigerian history from where numerous contemporary brides here are attempting to go method from. But there’s a surge that is new of by means of the Nigerian Bride cost application. The application is really a really a test that allows one to learn how much you’d be well well worth in this tradition that is age-old. It asks a number of concerns before offering the ‘elders’ time for you to deliberate in the amount of your worth. Continue reading Why The Nigerian ‘Bride Price’ Dowry App Is Dividing Views